Design your own sliding wardrobeLoft wardrobes solutions –  Custom World we are specialists at fitting angled loft wardrobes around angled ceilings and as more and more homes convert their lofts, loft wardrobes are an idea storage solution.

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If you have ever though about or tried to convert your loft-space into a bedroom, you have probably realised that this is a difficult task that should be left to the professionals. There are many regulations to follow in the first place when performing the conversion, but once converted then the best storage solution is made to measure fitted furniture.

Loft wardrobes solutions - Angled loft wardrobes to fit sloping ceilings
Loft wardrobes solutions – Angled loft wardrobes to fit sloping ceilings

No matter how awkward the shape and size of your loft, you can be sure that we have seen it; solved it by designing angled loft wardrobes to fit; built the angled wardrobes and installed them – let your problem become ours to solve, which is where built-in wardrobes come into their own – also you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are.

Your personal designer will listen carefully to your ideas and work with you to suggest design solutions specifically suited to your loft to ensure you get the very best out of the space and shape of room.

Once a design has been agreed and confirmed we will hand-build your furniture in our Ferndown, Dorset factory and then one of our in-house fitters will create the perfect individually crafted bedroom for you – designed to fit your living space.

Awkward angled loft wardrobes for sloping ceilings
Angled loft wardrobes for awkward angled ceilings

Most, if not all lofts have oblique or slanting ceilings, which makes it difficult for free-standing furniture to fit the space. However, fitted furniture and fitted wardrobes make furnishing these difficult rooms more straight forward and to ensure that no space is wasted and you will maximise your storage space.

Stylish design and wide range of colours angled loft wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes come in a wide range of styles and designs, including a huge range of colours and finishes. With the help of a free design survey from our design team you can design your very own fitted wardrobes.

Maximum use of space
One of the best things about fitted loft wardrobes is that they are designed especially for those rooms, complete with the correct angles on the doors. More people have started to furnish their loft bedrooms with fitted wardrobes thanks to more affordable fitted furniture from Custom World.

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