If you enjoy relaxing with the family and watching films there is no better way to enhance your watching experience than by sitting down in your very own custom designed home cinema room.

In Home cinema rooms fitted bespoke design
Bespoke fitted in home cinema rooms

At Custom World we have been designing bespoke fitted furniture, including ‘in home cinema rooms‘ since 1982 and our vast experience and excellent reputation means you get a home cinema design that is high in quality and fabulous to look at!

So if you are looking for a custom designed dedicated home theatre or a discrete hidden cinema system for your family room or lounge, our team of designers are here to help you transform your room.

Custom World will fit any size of cinema room in your home – you can get that huge television/cinema screen and we will build the made to measure furniture around it.

You will get the perfect environment for watching films, playing games and watching TV.

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