Bedroom designs

Romantic bedroom ideas

Romantic bedroom ideas

Romantic bedroom ideas

Romantic bedroom ideas from Custom World

The bedroom is the most likely place where we’d add a touch of romance, especially as the bedroom is private and a room in the house which you don’t have to share with anyone but your partner.
Romantic touches include photos or memorable moments share together in a special frame, using colours that are special to you both and in particular, ladies like soft colours and warm colours in the bedroom.
A tidy bedroom will help to create that romantic feel as well as lovely soft furnishings including the bedding and cushions. So getting the best built in storage solution to hide away all those clothes and shoes are top of the romantic build list.

Having the bedroom furniture designed to match your soft furnishings is also important to the overall feel of the room together with a nice new carpet to finish it all off!
Most rooms are made even better with a focal point in the room, which for a bedroom is usually the bed. A large comfortable cosy bed is a must, with a luxury mattress for comfort together with bed covers in a colour and design to match the overall room theme.

The windows can’t be forgotten either, so matching curtains in an up to date style to frame the bedrooms windows will finish the scene off nicely.

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Modern interior design trends and ideas 2011-2012

Having attended the KBB exhibition earlier in 2011 Custom World are keen to review the modern interior design trends for home furniture and stay in fashion with their modern fitted furniture lines.

It is exciting times as trends are moving towards a more textured finish and some lovely textured designs…

Modern interior design trends sibu-5-textures-interior design fitted furniture

5 textures from our new interior designs for fitted furniture – incorporate into sliding doors, bedsides or as wall coverings!

Textured designs

Custom World are excited about introducing their new textured ranges, which includes leather, metal, lizard skin, gold, silver and many others! We have included just a small sample of textures and colours in this post.

Sometimes people can worry too much about being too personal with their home design, especially in their living rooms or kitchens, as these are seen by friends and family and ‘on-show’. Whereas in the bedroom you can let go a bit more as this is a more private space – in 2011 and going forward into 2012 you will be able to have loads of fun with your bedroom designs.

The modern styling trends are towards lovely rich colours and fantastic textures so you can indulge yourself in fabulous modern designs…with our new design range you can incorporate as much or as little of the texture as you wish – you could subtly include a cut-out in your sliding or hinged doors or why not go the full hog and include a full wall covering and forget painting or wallpaper altogether!

Sliding door wardrobe textured designs - metal effect

Sliding door wardrobe textured designs – metal effect


When it comes to colour in 2011 and 2012, homeowners will be making a choice between white finishes and the more richer tones – white wardrobes are of course a very safe bet, but with the trend going in favour of richer colours and textures, we are seeing more fitted bedroom furniture moving this way.

The important thing to make either one of these work is to mix in texture and this new range certainly does that – so even if you go for the white finish you will be able to have white leather or white metal finish, which introduces a more interesting element to your furniture.

So even if you are not yet thinking about having fitted furniture this article might give you some ideas for home decorating – forget the wallpaper and use our modern and funky wall coverings.

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