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The Space Experts

When space is a premium you need to make sure you use it wisely, which is why you should ask Custom World’s advice, as we are the space experts.

The Space Experts make the best use of a room with sloping ceilings! Figure 1.

We have fitted thousands of rooms since 1982 and have built up a significant level of experience in that time.

The space experts before and after fitted cupboards

The space experts before and after fitted cupboards. Figure 2.

Here are two examples of the best use of available space; Figure 1. shows fitted wardrobes built into an angled ceilings, so that very inch of space is utilised.

Figure 2. shows the utilisation of the space along the edge of the eves with built in low level cupboards.

We have a few more examples of ‘before and afters‘ on our gallery section.

All it takes is to have a designer visit you, which is free and without obligation, and they will discuss your storage needs.

Hideaway beds and fold away furniture fitted in Dorset



Hideaway beds furniture Dorset

Hideaway beds furniture – This is a single bed in a home office set up as a built in wardrobe


If you are looking for hideaway beds furniture in the Dorset and Hampshire area then Custom World has the answer.

Hideaway beds (or fold away beds) are great space saving beds and can be used as guest beds and can come as a hideaway single bed or as a double bed.

If you have a small bedroom and you would like to have a free design survey to see if one of the great fold away beds is suitable for you, you can either visit our Dorset showroom to see one in action, or call 01202 896 816 and one of our designers will be happy to help.

Fold away beds are wall beds and can be fitted in your home and the way we make them they a disguised as a wardrobe – they can quite easily be incorporated into a small room with a home office or study also.

If you are looking for great space saving solutions, then a hidden bed is one of the best answers on the market – from the outside it looks just like a wardrobe, so it blends in with the other furniture in the room and then when needed, you simply pull it down and make the bed.

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