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Walk in wardrobe solutions

Walk in wardrobe solutions from ‘The Space Experts’ with a clever use of space across a single room.

Firstly, forgive the fact that the image runs across over the links on the right-hand side, but I wanted to give you a better impact of the great use of space in this bedroom.

Walk in wardrobe solutions with sliding doors

A room divider with a difference – creating a walk in wardrobe

We have taken a single room and divided it up with the clever use of sliding doors, to create ‘Space’ within ‘Space‘.

This has given the customer a complete walk in wardrobe area from a single room.

As their room is longer than the average bedroom, this made the whole process feasible.

When the sliding doors are closed and, as they’ve chosen a great design, the room looks fantastic. In addition to this you’d never know that all this space was behind the doors!

This wall also doubles up as a feature wall in your bedroom and in this case, the use of mirrors helps to add light and the illusion of extra space. Plus of course, the mirrors are functional too.

The inside of the wardrobe looks like the images below:

Walk in wardrobe solutions showing the interior

From the other side of the wardrobe

Walk in wardrobe interiors

Walk in wardrobe interiors

To achieve a similar result, all you need is an elongated room shape. This will allow enough space at one end of the room to create the ‘Walk-in’ area of the wardrobe.

The options are limitless, as to what you could accommodate within the walk in area.

Ranging from long and short hanging to shelves and drawers, as this customer has done.

You could also use a part of the area as a dressing room with a dressing table and mirror. This is your ‘Space’ so you decide on what is right for you and we’ll help you with making sure it will work within the space you have.

This solution is just one of the many jobs we have designed and created and, because the furniture we make is totally bespoke, we can do most things without the usual restrictions that modular units place on creating the perfect fitted furniture solution.

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The Space Experts

When space is a premium you need to make sure you use it wisely, which is why you should ask Custom World’s advice, as we are the space experts.

The Space Experts make the best use of a room with sloping ceilings! Figure 1.

We have fitted thousands of rooms since 1982 and have built up a significant level of experience in that time.

The space experts before and after fitted cupboards

The space experts before and after fitted cupboards. Figure 2.

Here are two examples of the best use of available space; Figure 1. shows fitted wardrobes built into an angled ceilings, so that very inch of space is utilised.

Figure 2. shows the utilisation of the space along the edge of the eves with built in low level cupboards.

We have a few more examples of ‘before and afters‘ on our gallery section.

All it takes is to have a designer visit you, which is free and without obligation, and they will discuss your storage needs.

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