Fusion and Fusion-Luxe Range - colours and design samples

Lacquered panels of our Fusion and Fusion Luxe ranges are the latest innovation on the market of high-gloss panels. Due to their high resistance to chemicals, scratching and UV radiation, they meet all European standards, which our competitors find difficult to comply with, which makes it the best new product on the market. The high gloss panels have a patented varnish composition to make them hard wearing and of the highest quality. Back to Fusion and Fusion-Luxe.

The above range of colours and styles have been carefully chosen by our in-house designers. These colours can be mixed to make a stand-out modern contemporary look to your furniture.

Each piece of furniture is made to order and is designed for you and you can have fun choosing the colours to match in your new furniture. Your designer is there to give to a guiding hand with what works best in colour combinations and what might suit your room style. Back to Fusion and Fusion-Luxe.