Angled and sloping ceilings

Fitted furniture built in to sloping and angled ceilings

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  • White doors with angled ceiling
  • Into sloping ceiling bedroom
  • Showing interiors
  • Sloping ceilings with a hip
  • Showing space maximising with angled ceilings
  • Run of wardrobes with shelves
  • Angled wardrobe with high gloss doors
  • Wardrobes designed to fit sloping and high ceilings
  • A wardrobe that makes the most of bedroom space
  • Bespoke angled door cupboard
  • Built in wardrobe to fit space
  • Angled wardrobes designed use the sloping space
  • Wardrobe fitted around sloping ceiling with a hip
  • Fitted corner wardrobe
  • Wardrobes built to fit the space
  • In a sloped ceiling bedroom
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