At Custom World, we do not use standard sized units. Our fitted furniture is totally made to fit your room. We make it locally near Bournemouth to whatever size fits your Bedroom. Our bespoke bedroom furniture is totally built in from floor to ceiling.

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How to choose between sliding wardrobes over hinged door wardrobes

We thought it would be a good idea to look at hinged wardrobes versus sliding wardrobes. At Custom World all of our wardrobes, whether sliding or hinged are built floor to ceiling and, where appropriate, can in most circumstances be wall to wall. Both types of wardrobe are also built without backs or sides so that you maximise the storage space available. However, some customers prefer to have backs and sides in their wardrobes, so we cater for this too.

Both our sliding wardrobes and hinged wardrobes are made-to-measure, so can fit almost any space. With both wardrobe options, you can choose from a number of interior storage options to accessorise with, including; long and short hanging, tie-racks, shoe-racks, trouser rails, draws, shelves and more.

To help you choose…

Hinged door wardrobes

  • The depth for Custom World’s hinged wardrobes is 588mm (Approx. 23.5 inches).
  • Hinged wardrobe doors require extra space to enable them to open into the room so, although the overall depth of the wardrobe is less than our recommendation for the depth of a sliding wardrobe, the space required is usually more to take account of the doors opening space.
  • Hinged doors usually have a maximum size of around 600mm (Approx. 2 foot), so as not to put too much weight on the hinges.
  • Usually our hinged wardrobes have a floor built-in at the height of our recommended plinth size of 100mm.
  • Includes a full width top shelf with space above right to the ceiling.
  • No standard door sizes – we make our hinged doors to suit your living space.

Sliding door wardrobes

  • Unlike hinged wardrobes, sliding doors don’t require space to open up into the room.
  • The recommended depth of our sliding wardrobes is 650mm (Approx. 26″).
  • If your preference is for a sliding wardrobe, but you have limited space, then the 650mm depth can be reduced by changing the way the clothes are hung. These options can be discussed with our designer during your free design visit.
  • Each sliding door can be as wide as 1,200 in width, with a choice of mirror, panel, sculptured, frosted or colour glass.
  • No standard door sizes – our door sizes are totally adjustable and made to fit your space.
  • Includes a full width top shelf with space above right to the ceiling.
  • There are no floors in our sliding wardrobes so you get maximum storage facilities, especially for shoes.

Choices at a glance hinged wardrobes versus sliding wardrobes

Sliding Wardrobes Hinged Wardrobes
Depth from wall 650mm* 588mm*
Wall-to-wall option Yes Yes
Floor to ceiling Yes Yes
Max individual door width 1,200mm 600mm
Max door height 2,400mm 2,400mm
Max ceiling height Any height Any height
Max room width No maximum No maximum
Backs No (Unless request) No (Unless request)
Interior wardrobe sides No (Unless request) No (Unless request)
Interior floor No (Unless request) Yes
Full length hanging Yes Yes
Half height hanging Yes Yes
Draws Yes Yes
Ties rack Yes Yes
Trouser rails Yes Yes
Shoe rack Yes Yes
Shelves Yes Yes
* These depths can be increased where you want a deeper wardrobe, or equally reduced where the room space is limited, however, subject to how wide your clothes are on hangers, then if the depth is reduced by a larger amount then the hanging may have to be changed to be from back to front. However, all our furniture is totally bespoke so can be made to almost any size, within reason.

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