Custom made wardrobes means that you will be able to have any size of built in wardrobe you want!

The benefits of custom made wardrobes versus free standing furniture…

Custom Made wardrobes
Custom Made wardrobes – built floor to ceiling

1. Custom made wardrobes

These can be built from floor to ceiling, which uses the complete space in the room to maximise your storage. A secondary benefit is less places for dust to collect. Of course ready made furniture will have a dust-collecting top to it.

2. Built wall to wall

Wall to Wall furniture uses every inch of your room space and gets over those obstacles in the room. This includes skirting board and coving, plus more importantly awkward sloping ceilings. However, with ready-made furniture your furniture will stick out in front of these obstacles.

3. Millimetre perfect

Every part of your furniture, from your bedsides to your built-in wardrobes and home office desks will be made exactly to fit the space you have. Whereas with ready made furniture you will always be having to compromise on the shape and size of furniture you buy.

Custom made wardrobe doors
Custom made wardrobe doors – floor to ceiling any shape of room

4. Custom design

Your furniture will begin with a free no obligation design survey, which will take every aspect of your living space into account. You will therefore get the exact furniture with the storage space you need.

5. Custom interiors

Built in custom made wardrobes come complete with custom interiors. This means you can mix and match what you need. Including long and short hanging through to shelves and interior drawers and shoe rails.

Of course free standing furniture will have the interiors already built-in, with little chance to change it.

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