Many people see top cupboards or overhead cupboards as an out-dated part of modern fitted bedroom furniture….

…this is definately not the case, as the new style of top cupboards, with their longer and sleeker look will add a contemporary feel to any bedroom design.

Fitted bedroom top cupboards
Top cupboards in fitted bedrooms

However, the most important thing that top cupboards offer is excellent storage space without taking up valuable floor space.

I keep my summer clothes and shoes in my top cupboards in the winter and winter clothes in them in the summer. This means that the twice yearly swap over of clothes is pianless because of the ease of access to everything – no more climbing up to the loft to retrieve the suitcase full of clothes and then having to wash everything to freshen them up!!

The biggest advantage of storing your clothes this way, and having easy access to them, is that it doesn’t matter what the weather is!!

Let me explain! Two weeks ago it was hot enough for shorts, bikinis and vest tops and how many of you got excited by the heatwave and got all your summer clothes out? This week, it has been cool enough for jumpers, jeans and sweatshirts but how many of you have shivered in your shorts because you can’t be bothered to search out your winter wardrobe again?

Top cupboards mean that you can access all your clothes all year round, whatever the weather! And if you add some down-lights under your top cupboards, you can create a really relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

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