Wardrobes with sliding doors create the best home storage solution.

Sliding doors for wardrobes
Sliding doors for wardrobes – options

A builtin sliding door wardrobe creates up to 50% more storage space than an equivalent freestanding slider – especially if you have one which is fitted floor to ceiling and wall to wall – thereby giving you those all so important extra storage inches.

The great thing about sliding doors is that they come in a wide range of design options – you can have mirror sliding doors, coloured glass doors or perhaps you’d like a combination of mirrors and glass – or what about wood effect or frosted glass?

Sliding doors don’t require space to open up into the room, which can be an important factor in some bedrooms – there are also no awkward uprights taking up valuable wardrobe space, giving you more room for storing your clothes and shoes!

Sliding doors for wardrobes are built to last these days – at Custom World we had a customer call in to see if we could repair a break in the mirror of a sliding door which they had purchased 23 years before! The reassuring thing for us as a company is the client assured us that the breakage was not a fault in the slider, but instead something they had done!

So whilst the 10-year guarantee offered by Custom World is great – experience shows that our built in wardrobes last a lot longer.

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