The question I get asked the most about builtin wardrobes is ‘what is the main benefit of having the furniture builtin?’

Builtin wardrobes Dorset
Custom made bed with wardrobes and overhead cupboards

I always say that the first benefit, and the most important benefit, is the extra storage space afforded by built in wardrobes.

This is compared with the conventional free standing equivalent. Actually, I would go as far as to say that builtin wardrobes can give as much as 50% more storage.

When you take account of the fitting from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, this is where the majority of the extra storage space is gained.

Free standing furniture stands proud of obstacles, such as skirting boards and coving. Also, freestanding furniture is built with a top, and therefore restricted in height and therefore storage space is wasted.

Add value to your home

The second advantage of having your furniture built in is that it can add value to your home.

This is similar to having a fitted kitchen or bathroom.

When people move from one home to another, and don’t have their own furniture or are looking to replace it, where the home they are purchasing has fitted bedroom furniture, this will save them an immediate purchase and afford them plenty of storage space too.

Update available of fitted furniture

There’s perhaps one over-looked advantage about fitted bedroom furniture.

This additional advantage is that once fitted you can change the designs of your doors by simply buying new replacement fitted doors for your bedroom furniture.

Often we get customers that had fitted bedroom furniture a few years who come back for replacement doors and they get a brand new bedroom for a fraction of the cost.

Less dust collection

Finally, no dust collecting on top of the wardrobes. Builtin wardrobes are from floor to ceiling so avoid a dust collecting shelf.

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