The problem with flat pack furniture drawers is…

The problem with flat pack furniture drawers
Solid drawer unit construction for fitted furniture, i.e. non flat pack furniture

Many of us have purchased flat packed furniture before. Whether as a student or later in life, this is usually to save a bit of money on furnishing our home.

Flat pack bedroom furniture has its place and is of course very cheap and requires your time to put it together. This is because it arrives in pieces.

Problems with flat pack furniture

There are a few problems with flat packed furniture…one of which is the drawer construction.

The drawer units of flat pack furniture have a very flimsy bottom. This bottom is usually made of very thin board, which is slid into two groves in between the two sides of the drawer unit.

The drawer unit itself is not usually of a strong construction either. In most cases this is made of one piece of thin board. This is wrapped around at the two corners and then held together with the drawer front.

Inevitably, as the drawer gets used and your ‘stuff’ builds up, be it clothes storage or

other items within the drawer, the drawer unit collapses and the bottom will fall out.

drawer unit construction non flat packed furniture
Solid drawer unit construction for the internal for fitted furniture, i.e. non flat packed furniture

The drawer unit becomes difficult to pull out, as the runners are in many cases slots on either side of the drawer and the miss-shaped drawer becomes difficult to manipulate.

There is a solution to the flat packed drawer problem, and that is to purchase made to measure furniture, but not from all fitted furniture suppliers, as some of these use a similar construction to the one described above. The drawer units that Custom World make are of a solid construction so the above problems will never occur. Also, each drawer has separate drawer runners, which can be either conventional close or soft close drawers, so the opening and closing of the drawer is always smooth.

We have had customers come back to us after many years of use and tell us that the drawers are still ‘as good as new’.

Fitted furniture might be more expensive than flat pack furniture, but it is surprisingly more affordable than you might think, but one this is for sure it will outlast any flat pack furniture available on the market…therefore you are getting what you pay for and that is lasting quality. On top of that, fitted furniture provides you with up to 50% more storage space than the flat pack furniture alternative.

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