National Bed Month – Get a bespoke fitted bed

Apparently, we spend an average of 9 hours a day in bed! If you live to the age of 60, that means you will have spent 197,100 hours in bed! As people are generally living well beyond their 60th year, these statistics would explain why a whole month is dedicated to beds!

Bespoke fitted bed made to measure with you fitted wardrobes
Made to measure bespoke fitted bed - any size and shape

Yes, March is National Bed Month, so what better time to treat to yourself to a new bed and if you have your bed custom made then it can also become a useful piece of furniture. You can incorporate drawers under the bed, which creates valuable storage space, and your bed can be made to any size to fit any mattress.

Cabin beds make a great addition to a child’s bedroom, where drawers or cupboards under the bed create plenty of storage for their toys or they can have a pull out desk installed into the bed to create a space-saving addition to do their homework on. Who knows, it may even help them to keep their room tidy!

Many people these days work from home or have a home office/study, although sometimes this can mean working in a spare bedroom around a bed that is used for the occasional guest. With a pull down bed incorporated in to a stylish unit, not only do you gain a large amount of work space, but by fitting in a desk space and further storage you can have a completely multi-functional room which provides a spare room and an office a neat and space saving solution.

We spend a lot of money on the beautiful array of duvet covers and cushions that we put on our beds, but we often pay little attention to the bed itself. By designing a bed that will match your other furniture and create valuable storage, you can also have a beautiful bed as well as beautiful bedding.

Add the mattress to your bespoke fitted bed that suits you perfectly and what better way to spend those 197,100 hours plus!

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