Custom World goes green with their fitted furniture

Custom World makes bespoke fitted furniture for bedrooms and offices and has been running for over 30 years, having been established in 1982. The business has a new vision and energy and a part of this new vision is to be as environmentally friendly as is possible.

Russell Bowyer - MD Custom World - Goes Green
Russell Bowyer – MD Custom World – Goes Green

Custom World aim to improve their resource efficiency by reducing waste to landfill and energy use by replacing old equipment with newer energy efficient models.

One major change the business has undergone is to divert all their wood and other wastes from landfill to recycling, but also, one of the main machines in the factory has been designed to reduce waste also.

The recycling of waste from the factory has meant a saving of 134 tonnes of CO²e per annum, which Russell Bowyer, Managing Director of Custom World, is extremely pleased with. This has led to receiving a grant towards the cost of the new plant and machinery for the factory, which has help to fund growth and additional employment within the business.

Green Fitted Furniture

The change in how waste is recycled has meant more time is spent in sorting out the waste between plastic shrink wrap, metal, glass, cardboard and paper, but Mr Bowyer feels that the time factor is worth it for the green saving and reduction in carbon emissions.

Mr Bowyer is keen to reduce the company’s environmental impact and sees having good environmental credentials as an important part of their strategy going forward. Going forward he aims to develop an EMS to identify and control all their significant environmental impacts and ensure they communicate their environmental improvements and their carbon footprint to their existing and potential customers via their web site and marketing material.

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