Unlimited storage solutions – Autumn clean

We are all familiar with ‘Spring Cleaning’ but I’m a great believer in the ‘Autumn Clean’!

Unlimited storage solutions with fitted wardrobes in your home
Unlimited storage solutions with fitted wardrobes in your home

As we prepare the change over from t-shirts and shorts to jumpers and trousers, it can become apparent that storing those thick jumpers takes up a lot more room that storing thin t-shirts, and there ensues a battle with your storage space, so we would say the best storage solution is to use fitted furniture.

The beauty of fitted furniture is two-fold: You can maximise every inch of storage space and you can design the interiors of your furniture to accommodate all your storage needs. In our Sliding door wardrobes, interior open shelves are included in the price, and these are a great way to store all those thick winter jumpers and sweatshirts.

Double hanging provides plenty of storage for shirts and trousers and by adding a section of long hanging you can easily store those long winter coats. A shelf above provides the perfect solution for storing hats and scarves.

So if you are putting off that Autumn sort out because you just don’t know where you are going to put everything, explore the options of fitted wardrobes and their unlimited storage solutions and welcome in Winter, in style!

And as if that wasn’t enough, all our fitted wardrobes come with a full width top shelf to really make sure that no interior space is wasted and this provides the perfect hiding place for all those Christmas present bargains!

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