Wardrobe interiors

One of my favourite programmes is Grand Designs and although it is exciting to see the outside of the building, I enjoy looking inside the house and how the interiors have been designed. To me, it is the inside of the house that makes it personal.

Wardrobe Interiors
Wardrobe Interiors – office desk inserted into a wardrobe

This same concept applies to fitted furniture and in particular fitted wardrobes. It is important that they look nice and that possibly the colours compliment your bedroom soft furnishings, but this is only half the beauty of custom made fitted furniture. As with a house, it is the interiors that make it really personal and with custom made wardrobes you can design your wardrobe interiors so that you have a place for everything.

When designing your wardrobe interiors, combining shelves and hanging space in the correct proportion to how you like to hang or fold your clothes will mean that you are maximising every inch of space.

Including interior drawers in your design can provide valuable storage for smaller items of clothing or pull out shoe trays can be incorporated to give easy access to all those necessary pairs of shoes!

At Custom World, we have also noticed an increase in demand for incorporating computers and televisions into our fitted wardrobes. This is particularly popular as you can hide these in the wardrobe but they are easily accessible to use. Televisions can be put on swivel, pull out trays so that they can be viewed from anywhere in the room and pushed neatly back into the wardrobe when not in use.

Computers can sit on a desk type shelf with a pull out keyboard tray to make it easy to work on and shelves can be fitted above to hold files and paperwork. One advantage is that it keeps your room looking tidy and all that paperwork out of site, and the other advantage is that it cuts down on dust.

So my advice is to pay as much attention to the interior design of your wardrobe as you do to the exterior design and don’t be afraid to mix shelving and hanging to make it work for you.

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