Fitted furniture for small bedrooms is ideal, as it is designed to fit within most spaces.

Fitted furniture for small bedrooms
Fitted furniture for small bedrooms

The main reason for fitted furniture being ideal for small rooms is because it is designed to make the best use of space and where the room is small, using the space in the best way is crucial. So from the design plans through to the fitting of the furniture, Custom World will ‘hold your hand’ and make sure we maximise the storage within whatever space you have to give you space saving bedroom furniture.

As an aside and interestingly, it has recently been in the press about B&Q closing down a large number of its stores because people are less inclined these days to do DIY, which is partly due to less home ownership as a percentage of home across the UK, but I think also there is a trend away from people doing it themselves. So if you have a small room and you are averse to DIY, please feel free to contact us for a free design survey.

Having the work done for you may cost a little more, but it will be done to a high standard and by experts who know what they are doing – a specialist company like us fitting the furniture in your home instead, from fitted bedroom furniture to fitted wardrobes, makes complete sense.

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