We had a great coffee morning on Friday 30th September at our Ferndown showroom with everyone being hosted by our very attentive staff. Plenty of cakes; baked and faked as the advert goes and tea/coffee to wash them down.

As part of the format we had a cake for the “Guess the Dots” competition, a cake totally covered in dots where the idea was to guess how many dots covered the cake – simples….. The cake was covered with 495 dots, making the winner of the competition a tie between Jan and Fatmir – congratulations and well done.

The best home made cake of the day was baked by Alick, a scrumptious, moist and tasty Victoria Sponge cake. Enjoy your Champagne.

At the end of the coffee morning we managed to raise £110.00 for We are MacMillan

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that faked and baked the tasty cakes, those that attended and helped us out, in particular the local businesses.

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