…and let there be light…

Especially in these dark winter months, creating light in your home is essential.

When choosing interiors,  it is important to consider how much natural light enters your room. Try not to block out or absorb any natural light but in fact enhance it as best you can through the choice of décor and furniture.

Whilst there are many colours to choose from when selecting interiors, as a Designer, I always advise neutral calm tones. Splashes of colour can be added through soft furnishings and of course it is less expensive to replace when you fancy a change!

In our experience, grey is still the colour of choice but this can be softened by choosing a warm cashmere tone. If you want to add darker colours then this can always be done by having a dark carcass and keeping the door and drawer fronts light.

You also have the option to add lighting into our furniture. A simple strip light under a cupboard or a wall light integrated into your headboard will not just provide functional lighting, but help to create a warm and relaxing environment.

And let’s not forget mirrors! Not only the perfect way to make a small space look bigger, they bounce light around the room. As they are our least expensive sliding door type it is a more affordable option than you think.

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