We offer an extensive range of made-to-measure Sliding Door Wardrobes and you’ll love our high quality finish which will make your bedroom design stand out as sophisticated and modern.

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Designed for you – Choose your made to measure sliding wardrobe doors

What you’ll get is stunning sliding door wardrobes which are built in from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall. These custom made wardrobes will provide you with a versatile and flexible storage solution for your home. Why not visit our showroom or call to book your free design appointment with one of our designers to discuss your bedroom furniture in the relaxing comfort of your own home. Or click on the Free Survey button above.

Sliding door wardrobes from affordable prices, receiving great value for your money with a Custom World Bedroom Wardrobe, but you also get a wardrobe which is built to order and made to last. But don’t take our word for it, as here’s how a customer put it in a testimonial:

“We had a mirror sliding robe fitted in our previous house, as we were very pleased with that we had no hesitation to use you again, and would recommend you. Thank you once again.”

Thank you card from Customer in West Moors

Built-in sliding wardrobe doors

When your designers visit your home they’ll design your storage space with you. Their aim is to give you the best storage solution possible to fit the space you have, whilst designing beautiful furniture to enhance your room. With flexible hanging solutions, both long and short hanging, shelves, drawers, shoe racks and more, we offer for every size of room and budget.

Have you a spare wall in your bedroom? We can design a sliding wardrobe to fit any space. You can match-in the sliding doors with your other made to measure bedroom furniture. Our designers are here to work with you to make the best of the space available in your home. Sliding wardrobe doors provide a stylish finish to a practical storage solution.

Sliding doors any size wall to wall

Usually you can have sliding door wardrobes fitted in just one day

The sliding door frames come in either steel or aluminium and in a range of colours too. Additionally there is also a vast range of options from contemporary to modern classic for the doors.

Keep it simple and in-expensive with mirrors…alternatively go for coloured glass, wood effects or many more design options. Add split panels to your doors and mix between the various colours and materials to create a fantastic look and feel.

Angles are not a problem as we use “Raumplus Sliding Doors” to create the perfect angled sliding doors as well. Why not visit our showroom or call to book your free design appointment with one of our designers to discuss your bedroom furniture in the relaxing comfort of your own home. See the quote from the Raumplus website below:


Our doors should actually be described as »gliding doors«, not »sliding doors«. The latter sounds like hard work, while our doors are designed to be light as a feather when sliding and require no special strength to open them. This is hardly surprising – after all, we have spent the last 30 years focusing on perfecting the roller technology used for our doors. Why not find out for yourself?

Huge choice of sliding door designs


Are you looking for a modern look and feel for your sliding door wardrobes? If you are, then why not add stylish lay bars to your doors and have fun splitting up different coloured glass, mirrors and more, as we have a wide range of designs and finishes to choose from. You’ll then have a bedroom that is both pleasing to the eye as well as being modern, practical and functional.

Space saving storage solutions

The design is entirely in your hands, with the help from a designer; you choose from our extensive range of wood effects, mirrors, coloured glass and frosting and then design your preferred interior from a wide range of interior options. We offer “Raumplus Sliding Doors” – high quality Aluminium doors which are ideal for angled and sloping ceilings. So we can fit a sliding door wardrobe into those awkward angles too.

Our experienced designer will discuss the design and planning of your new sliding wardrobe doors in our first meeting with you in the comfort of your own home. You will be taken through our extensive range of options, highlighting the benefit of each. This is with the aim of helping you to design your ideal fitted furniture solution to perfectly match your lifestyle and living space.

Your home will benefit from sleek floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall bedroom system that is simply stunning with our sliding wardrobe doors. The made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors provide you with a versatile and elegant storage solution for your home. Our doors can be made to any required height and are available in any width, perfect for fitting in your space.

You can have gorgeous designer styling, with all the ingenious storage you could ever need, and it is surprisingly more affordable than you might think. What’s more, the fitting of our sliding door wardrobes usually takes just one day to fit. Our steel door system, wall to wall, floor to ceiling, sliding mirror door wardrobes start at affordable prices, which includes fitting and VAT, and it can be in your home, ready for use with the minimum of fuss.

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