At Custom World, we do not use standard sized units. Our fitted furniture is totally made to fit your room. We make it locally near Bournemouth to whatever size fits your Bedroom. Our bespoke bedroom furniture is totally built in from floor to ceiling.

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Design your own sliding wardrobe doors online

Design your own sliding wardrobe doors online with our new slider app. The slider app allows for up to 5 doors and we have given you a selection of options. These options include: splitting the doors either horizontally or vertically; various wood colours; a number of colour glass options and mirrors. Have fun designing your own sliding door wardrobe. Your actual sliding door wardrobe will be fitted from floor to ceiling and either wall to wall or wall to an end panel and comes complete with interiors of your choice. (Please note this only works on PC’s and does not work on Mobiles or Tablets)


Sliding wardrobe design tool…

Once you’ve used the sliding wardrobe design tool, take a look at some example sliding doors wardrobes we’ve completed. Our designers will come to you free of charge to run through your design choices. Together you’ll create the perfect looking wardrobe with some great storage!


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