At Custom World, we do not use standard sized units. Our fitted furniture is totally made to fit your room. We make it locally near Bournemouth to whatever size fits your Bedroom. Our bespoke bedroom furniture is totally built in from floor to ceiling.

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Designed for you – You get the best storage solution with fitted furniture

We provide a fitted furniture solution and in addition to fitted bedroom furniture we design and install many other fitted storage solutions too. No matter what storage you are looking for the interiors are all tailor made to your individual needs. In most cases fitted furniture always provides you with more storage especially when it is fitted to the contours of your room.

Fitted storage solutions

From bespoke bedroom wardrobes to lounge units and dressing room furniture with tailor-made interiors. Having the extra storage that fitted furniture always provides, you can organize your clothes and have space to spare. Looking for a walk in wardrobe

Your personal storage space

‘Before and after’ images showing what can be done with storage space. With both of these the designer worked closely with the clients to optimise the door sizes. Why not have a FREE design visit to see what we can do for you?

Angled ceilings ALL room shapes

Custom World have been designing wardrobes since 1982. That means you get the best storage solution from a long-standing company to cleverly fit to even the most awkward bedrooms spaces and tidy away that clutter!

Flexible storage options

The storage solutions behind your beautifully custom made bedroom doors. Choose from long and short hanging, shelves, drawers, shoe racks, tie racks and more, in any combination, we will design it to fit your living space.

Fitted wardrobes are built-in from wall-to-wall, thereby maximising your storage area. They are also usually built from floor to ceiling, so you utilise all the available space in your home.

Your fitted wardrobes can double the storage space you have and, if you choose to have sliding door wardrobes, these are mostly fitted in a day. Plus, fitted furniture is surprisingly more affordable than you might think.

Also, you can enjoy choosing exactly what you have inside your wardrobes…work out how many long-hanging items you have; how many short-hanging items; how many shelves you require; how many drawers you need and so on, and then discuss this with your designer and have fun deciding on what’s best for you.

Everything will be made to your exact requirements and measurements with fitted furniture, so that it will fit perfectly in your home.


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