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Home office

The perfect space

Home offices

Choose Custom World in Wimborne to create your ideal home office.

Expert designers

Our designers are experts at making any space work for you. In addition to fitted bedrooms and living rooms, they have the experience and expertise to design a custom-built home office wherever you want it. Why not visit our showroom to see our latest fitted office set up.

Our fitted home offices will be designed around you!

Working from home has become a new norm, so more people are choosing it as an option. It’s important you get the right environment and space to work in. Even a room with awkward sloping ceilings can become a wonderful home office. Custom World’s furniture is truly made-to-measure, so it can be fitted to any size or shape of room. Your furniture can be made to fit exactly with your storage needs, your equipment, and the way you work.

Desk storage area with hinged door
Dark wooden storage cupboards in home office

The perfect working environment

Perhaps you work from home either for your own business or with your day job. By using fitted furniture to create the perfect working environment you can make the most of the space you have. You can be sure that you have all the storage space you need, whether it’s extra shelving, drawers, or cupboard space. Perhaps you would like to configure the space so you can look out of the window, or have a cosy, personalised workspace.

Custom World’s expert designers

Maybe you need more surface area to lay out large plans, so you need a larger than normal table or desk. You might need to keep detailed and confidential information so you need somewhere you can store it away discreetly and securely – we can help with all your needs. With Custom World’s expert designers, you can be sure that your furniture will look great, as well as being practical.

Office desk with large drawers

End-to-end fitting

Fitted bedroom storage area with mirrors
Made-to-measure cupboards
Other rooms
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Custom-made bottle rack
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Do you need the perfect working environment?

Contact Custom World in Wimborne to discuss your home office needs.

01202 896816

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