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Children's colourful bedroom with bed and chair

Bespoke bedroom furniture

Children’s bedrooms

Choose Custom World in Wimborne and we will create your child’s dream bedroom.

Great furniture at a reasonable price

Our high-quality furniture is very affordable so that you can have a fantastic look for a reasonable price.

Cabin beds for children

If you are looking to fit-out your children’s bedroom with built-in furniture, then why not visit our Dorset showroom and take a look at our neat cabin bed. Feel free to bring your children to our showroom and have fun choosing their fitted wardrobes together. Together you’ll be able to pick a style and colour to match their room. You can choose a cabin bed which is an ideal way to save some space, and kids love them. We also make custom-beds. Take a look at our galleries for examples of the full range of our work and services.

Fitted bedroom cupboards and mirror
Children's cabin bed

50% more storage

Fitted furniture always provides more storage space over the conventional free-standing equivalent. We estimate that our built-in wardrobes could give you as much as 50% more storage space, when you take account of the fitting from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, and how it is carefully crafted to accommodate features such as skirting, coving, and sloping ceilings.

Effortlessly tidy and clutter-free

The right fitted furniture can make your life so much easier, and the ideal storage solution can help you keep your space effortlessly tidy and clutter-free. In a child’s bedroom, the right storage solutions can even encourage children to clear up after themselves. With our experienced designers, we can help you create a bedroom that you and your child will love.

Girl's bedroom with drawers

Optimised storage solutions

Fitted bedroom storage area with mirrors
Made-to-measure cupboards
Other rooms
Fitted kitchen and work surface
Custom-made bottle rack
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For a fabulous child’s bedroom, you need a company you can trust

Contact Custom World in Wimborne to create a dream bedroom come true.

01202 896816

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