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Angled fitted furniture

We can adapt to your needs

Angled rooms and sloping ceilings

Contact Custom World in Wimborne to get the most storage space out of your awkward spaces, whether it’s a bedroom or living room.

Converting your loft

Many homeowners are seeking to maximise the potential of their property footprint by converting the loft, which means that they are likely to have awkwardly shaped rooms to fit out. Fortunately we have the experience and skill to meet any challenge.

Wooden cupboards in room with open door

Door panels and frames

Optimised storage solutions

Fitted bedroom storage area with mirrors
Made-to-measure cupboards
Other rooms
Bordolino Oak Drinks Bar.jpg
Custom-made bottle rack
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Do you have an awkwardly shaped room with sloping ceilings?

Contact Custom World in Wimborne to make the most of any nook and cranny.

01202 896816

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